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The importance of software copyright

Unprotected works face the risk of plagiarism and infringement at any time

NO.1 Help to promote

NO.2 Prevent plagiarism

NO.3 Improve intangible assets

NO.4 platform settled in

NO.5 Tax relief

  • Registered copyrights can be shared with the community
    Advertise your product

    Free consultation
  • When your own copyright is infringed, you can
    Legal measures should be taken to protect yourself

    Free consultation
  • Help companies increase capital and increase deferrals
    Tax Incentives

    Free consultation
  • Tencent/Alibaba/Baidu and other big platforms
    Prerequisites for entry

    Free consultation
  • Apply for the recognition of high-tech enterprises
    prerequisites, and enjoy millions
    Government Subsidies

    Free consultation

Your peers, 80% protected the following works

  • APP
  • PC Site
  • WAP site
  • Application software
  • Games
  • WeChat Mini Program
  • H5
  • Plugins
Software copyright application process
  • Step1
    fill in
    Step 1: You fill in the software basic information collection form

    We will sort out the materials that need to be stamped and signed according to the content of the information collection form; Click here to download

  • Step2
    Step 2: Provide some source programs (electronic version)

    You provide some source programs of the WORD electronic version of the software (the first 2000 lines and the last 2000 lines, a total of 4000 lines, the last page is the software exit code. Or use 5-point font, 13-point paragraph spacing, about 100 pages Provided), if the actual code amount of the software is less than the above requirements, All code must be provided;

  • Step3
    Step 3: Provide Manual (Electronic Version)

    Depending on the type of software, you are required to provide the WORD version of the software operation manual or software design manual ;

  • Step4
    Step 4: Confirm Payment

    Sign the contract and operate immediately;

  • Step5
    Step 5: Stamping and express delivery

    We will send you the electronic version of the materials that need to be stamped, and you will express them to our company after stamping and signing;

  • Step6
    Step 6: Submit for review

    After receiving the materials, our company will sort and print them, and send them to the China Copyright Protection Center for review after binding;

  • Step7
    Step 7: Announcement and Certification

    The certificate will be issued after the announcement. After our company receives the certificate, we will express the original certificate.

Certificate Display
Certificate display
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