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Game qualification approval process

Computer software copyright, ICP license, Internet text, virtual currency transaction/game version number, game filing, Internet publishing license

Game Qualification Approval Flow Chart
Approval of computer software copyright

Approved by: National Copyright Center

my country implements a computer software copyright registration system. Copyright arises automatically from the date the software is completed. Legally operate or sell the software product within the territory of my country, and can be published and distributed, and can be used as the proof material of independent intellectual property rights when registering the software product.

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Computer software copyright approval
ICP license

Approved by: Provincial Communications Administration

Qualification Full Name: Value-Added Telecommunications Business License - Internet/Internet Information Services

Qualification definition: The business that must be handled by companies that provide paid information, online advertisements, web pages, e-commerce and other online application services to Internet users through the Internet license.

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ICP license
Network Culture Business License

Approval agency: Provincial Department of Culture

Qualification Full Name: Network Culture Business License

Qualification definition: engaging in game products (virtual currency trading/virtual currency issuance), audio-visual products, animation/animation, online performances (programs), Works of art and other cultural products are required.

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Network Culture Business License
Game version number

Approved by: General Administration of Press and Publication, ISBN number

Qualification Full Name: Network Culture Business License

Qualification definition: According to the "Notice on the Management of Mobile Game Publishing Services", all online games need to apply for a game version number before they can be charged for online operation.

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game version number
Game record

Approved by: Ministry of Culture

Qualification definition: (1) The filing unit should be an approved online culture business unit, whose business scope includes online games. (2) Domestic online games shall, within 30 days from the date of online operation, go through the filing formalities with the cultural administration department of the State Council as required.

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Game version number
Game Qualification Application Materials Details
  • 1. Copy of business license
  • 2. Legal person and shareholder ID card
  • 3. Articles of Association (the latest one is required, and the file inquiry seal is stamped by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau)
  • 4. A copy of the company's ID card, graduation certificate, and the employee's mobile phone and email
  • 5. Company landline, fax, corporate mobile phone, email.
  • 6.3 Social security certificates of technical personnel or management personnel.
  • Required information for software copyright:
  • ① Scanned copy of business license
  • ② Source program: Press front and back for 30 consecutive pages, a total of 60 pages (All submitted if less than 60 pages). Documents (such as: user manual, design manual, user manual, etc.).
  • Application materials for game license number:
  • Three types of edition materials:
  • 1. The gameplay introduction of game design includes screenshots
  • 2. Game package
  • 3. Software copyright (electronic version)
  • 4. The copyright belongs to the business license of the enterprise legal person (electronic version)
  • 5. Business license and ICP certificate (electronic version) of the operating organization enterprise legal person
  • Four types of edition materials:
  • 1. Introduction to the content of the game works [including but not limited to: game background, role-playing, game characters (NPC), scenes, main plots, functions (systems), shopping malls and other charging points, main features, game usage methods, etc. ]
  • 2. Description of game anti-addiction system function settings;
  • 3. 3 sets of "administrator" accounts for content review (high, medium and low levels) and 3 test accounts for the game anti-addiction system;
  • 4. Full text of Chinese scripts of game publications and game shielding thesaurus (electronic documents);
  • 5. Client games need to submit 3 client CDs, web games need to provide the game login URL, mobile games need to submit download URLs or 3 installer CDs or 3 special review devices for the installed games;
  • 6. Game package
  • 7. Software copyright (electronic version)
  • 8. The copyright belongs to the enterprise legal person business license (electronic version)
  • 9. Business License and ICP Certificate (Electronic Version) of the Operating Organization Enterprise Legal Person
  • 10. 3 electronic scanned copies or electronic document CDs containing all written materials.
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