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Radio and TV Program Production License Agency

Social Administration Department of the State Administration of Radio and Television, Provincial Radio, Film and Television Administration

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What are the penalties for conducting business without applying for a radio and television program production license?

Anyone who sets up a radio and television program production and business unit without authorization or produces TV dramas and other radio and television programs without authorization shall be banned by the radio and television administrative department of the people's government at or above the county level, and the special tools, equipment and program carriers used for illegal activities shall be confiscated, and the A fine of not less than 10,000 yuan but not more than 50,000 yuan shall be imposed.

Broadcast and Television Program Production License

Conditions for applying for a radio and television program production license

  • (1) Domestic social organizations, enterprises and institutions with independent legal person status (excluding wholly foreign-owned enterprises or Sino-foreign joint ventures and cooperative enterprises established in China), with the organization name, organizational structure and Bylaws;
  • (2) There are radio and television and related professionals, funds and workplaces that meet the needs of the business scope, of which the registered capital of the enterprise is not less than 3 million yuan (no actual payment is required);
  • (3) In the three years prior to the date of application, its legal representative has no record of violations of laws or regulations or the institution has no record of the "Radio and TV Program Production and Operation License" being revoked;
  • (4) Other conditions stipulated by laws and administrative regulations.

Materials required for application of radio and television program production license

  • (1) Apply in writing and fill in the "Application Form for Radio and Television Program Production and Operation License";
  • (2) The legal representative's identity certificate (photocopy) and resume;
  • (3) Power of Attorney for Administrative Licensing.
  • (4) Photocopies of ID cards and resumes of key management personnel (no less than three), qualification certificates for radio and television and related majors.
  • (5) A copy of the legal person certificate or business license (with the business scope of "production and distribution of cartoons, TV variety shows, and feature films").
  • (6) A copy of the proof of registered address (including the lease agreement and the real estate certificate).
  • (7) A copy of the articles of association of the company.

“Service Process for the Production License of Radio and Television Programs”

Consulting business intentions(determine the type of business you handle)

Business cooperation negotiation(customized solutions for you)

Basic Material Preparation(Assist you in preparing the required hard materials)

Submit for review(We'll do the rest)

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