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SP business license classification
  • SP certificate for the whole network

  • Ground network SP certificate

The SP certificate is divided into the whole network SP certificate and the ground network SP certificate. The so-called the whole network SP certificate is the qualification to operate the nationwide SP business
Ground network SP certificate is the SP business qualification of the province where the operating company is located. The difference between the two is the business scope.
Who needs to apply for SP certificate
Provide users with services, entertainment, games, SMS, MMS, WAP, ringtone download, business information and location information. The users of the information service business are fixed communication network users, mobile communication network users, Internet users or users of other data transmission networks.

SP certificate application conditions

  • The company's registered capital is 10 million yuan and above for the entire network / 1 million yuan and above for the local network.
  • The company's registered capital should not be used for technology investment, or other forms of investment
  • The business address of the company must not be different from the registered address
  • have the funds and professionals to run the business
  • Have a reputation or ability to provide long-term service to users
  • A feasibility study report and related technical solutions are available

Handle SP license related business

Complete solution for mobile network value-added service license

  • SP License Change
  • SP License Renewal
  • SP license annual inspection
  • SP license filing
  • SP license renewal

SP License Agency Service Contents

You do not need to be present in person during the whole process/two-way express delivery, quick photo collection

The fee includes: SP certificate original and attached pages; provision of professional technical solutions, dispatch of professional and technical personnel, professional application website, difficult technical research, follow-up business guidance

SP License

SP License Sample

Certificate content: name, number, introduction, name of the sponsor, legal representative, registered capital,
Registered domicile, business type, business coverage, issuer, seal of the issuing authority, date of issuance, and validity period.


Materials to prepare for SP license

  • A copy of the copy of the business license of the company that applies for the SP license
  • SP license company main management, list of technicians and ID cards, color scans and copies of academic certificates
  • Original certificate of social security for the company applying for the SP license
  • Applying for SP license company articles of association original industrial and commercial transfer file
  • Apply for SP license company legal person, shareholder is a natural person, submit a scanned copy of the original ID card, etc.