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National Football Teams

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Posted in: Jun 06, 2022


latest information about added matches and statistics.

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Here you can find statistics about all the national football teams of the world, and the tournaments they play in. Have fun clicking your way through the archive, talk to some other football fans on the forum and tell us if you find any mistakes.

as you know, so far I have refrained from highlighting youtube channels, but this one should be interesting for those of you who care about the smaller national teams. DNQ football are making great interviews with footballers of those teams, they have got Alwin Komolong of Papua New Guinea, Marcus Fenelus of the Turks and Caicos Islands, James Comley of Montserrat, Ben Mata of the Cook Islands, Marvin Hamilton of Sri Lanka, and I am sure many more are going to come. They also do live watch parties, prediction, analysises and so on. So if you are interesting in the minnows of international football, please check them out.

South Africa (Premier Soccer League)

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