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What businesses can enterprises hold a web hosting license to carry out

Network hosting business refers to the hosting of domestic networks, network elements or equipment owned or leased by users, including providing equipment placement, Network management, operation and maintenance services, as well as management and maintenance services for interconnection and other network applications for users.

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Our company has a self-built computer room, can we carry out web hosting business?

Only businesses that have obtained a web hosting business license can conduct this business

Qualification  /  Value-added telecommunications  /  网络托管业务

Application conditions for web hosting business

  • (1) The operator is a legally established company.
  • (2) Have funds and professionals (ascend certificate, communication personnel) suitable for carrying out business activities.
  • (3) Have the reputation or ability to provide users with long-term services.
  • (4) The minimum registered capital of the provincial network business is RMB 1 million.
  • (5) The minimum registered capital for the entire network business is RMB 10 million.
  • (6) There are necessary venues, facilities and technical solutions.
  • (7) The company and its major investors and major business managers have no illegal record of violating the telecommunications supervision and management system within three years.
  • (8) Other conditions stipulated by the state.
Qualification  /  Value-added telecommunications  /  网络托管业务

Network hosting business application agency service content

You do not need to be present in person during the whole process/two-way express delivery, quick photo collection

The fee includes: the original and attached pages of the web hosting business license; the provision of professional technical solutions, the dispatch of professional and technical personnel, difficult technical research, and business guidance

Web Hosting Business License

Sample Web Hosting Business License

Certificate content: name, number, introduction, name of the sponsor, legal representative, registered capital,
Registered domicile, business type, business coverage, issuer, seal of the issuing authority, date of issuance, and validity period.


Materials to prepare for web hosting business

  • (1) A written application for the operation of value-added telecommunications services signed by the legal representative of the company
  • (2) Duplicate and photocopy of the company's business license for corporate legal person.
  • (3) Company profile. Including the basic information of the company, personnel, venues and facilities to be engaged in value-added telecommunication services;
  • (4) The company's most recent annual financial accounting report or capital verification report as an enterprise legal person audited by an accounting firm, and other relevant accounting information as required by the telecommunications authority
  • (5) The articles of association of the company, the company's shareholding structure and relevant information on shareholders.
  • (6) A letter of commitment signed by the legal representative of the company to operate the telecommunications business in accordance with the law.
  • (7) If the telecommunications business applied for operation is subject to the prior examination and approval of the relevant competent authorities in accordance with laws, administrative regulations and relevant state regulations, the documents for examination and approval by the relevant competent authorities shall be submitted
  • After signing the contract, Nine Ants will provide more detailed materials according to the actual situation of your company.

“Web Hosting Business Handling Service Process”

Consulting business intentions(determine the type of business you handle)

Business cooperation negotiation(customized solutions for you)

Basic Material Preparation(Assist you in preparing the required hard materials)

Submit for review(We'll do the rest)

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