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Which companies need to apply for IDC licenses

Using the equipment room facilities, it provides placement, agent maintenance, system configuration and management services for user servers by way of outsourcing and leasing.

Provides equipment rental such as database system or server, rental of storage space, agent rental of communication lines and egress bandwidth, and other application services.

Utilize the equipment and resources set up in the data center, through the Internet or other networks to obtain, use on demand, expand at any time, collaboratively share, etc. , providing users with services such as data storage, Internet application development environment, Internet application deployment and operation management.

Typical business: hosting, server rental, computer room rental, cloud hosting, cloud storage, virtual hosting, VPS, virtual space, etc.

Learn about the IDC license

What is an IDC license?

IDC operation license is the qualification license to carry out data center business.

Where is the IDC license?

The ISP certificate for the whole network is in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; the ISP certificate for the ground network is in the local communications administration.

How valid is the IDC license?

IDC licenses are valid for 2 years, 5 years and 10 years depending on the type of business.

When is the annual inspection of IDC licenses?

The IDC license annual inspection should submit materials before March 31 every year.

ISP business architecture diagram

IDC license application conditions

  • The operator is a legally established company
  • The minimum registered capital is 1 million yuan for IDC business in the province/10 million yuan for national IDC business
  • Have a reputation or ability to provide long-term service to users
  • Have professionals who are suited to the operation of the business
  • Necessary site facilities and technical solutions
  • The company and its main investors and key management personnel have no illegal record of violating the telecommunications supervision and management system within three years
  • Construct corresponding network and information security management system; information security management mechanism and plan

Applying IDC license process

IDC license application complete solution

  • Incorporation of an eligible company
  • Build system/evaluation
  • Computer room evaluation
  • Administrative approval process
  • Get a license

Application for IDC license system evaluation requirements

IDC license application complete solution, please consult for details:

name Function and description Quantity
IDC Information Security Management System is used for enterprises to manage and effectively verify IDC access resources, and to provide a management interface for IDC basic resources, which can quickly locate and control illegal and illegal websites as required by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Communications Administration. IDC enterprises that carry out Internet resource collaboration business need to deploy Internet resource collaboration information security management system. For details, please consult: Full coverage of the computer room link
ICP/IP address/domain name record management system is used for enterprises to independently manage and report IP and domain names in IDC, and supports monitoring of resource reporting, which can detect unreported IP addresses, unreported service information, and reported incorrect service information, etc. , and remind relevant personnel in time. Application for IDC qualification assessment requires a must-build system 1 set
IDC/ISP/CDN Enterprise Access Resource Management System is used for enterprises to manage and effectively verify IDC access resources, and to provide a management interface for ISP basic resources. The system is required to apply for IDC qualification assessment requirements. 1 set
IDC computer room operation security evaluation Self-built computer room evaluation/rental operator computer room evaluation The computer room that conducts business needs to be evaluated

Differences in IDC/ISP/CDN license system evaluation

Complete solution for IDC/ISP/CDN license application, please consult for details:

IDC/ISP/CDN License System Evaluation Difference

IDC/ISP/CDN license system evaluation difference (picture)


IDC license application agency service content

You do not need to be present in person during the whole process/two-way express delivery, quick photo collection

The fee includes: IDC certificate original and attached pages; provision of professional technical solutions, dispatch of professional and technical personnel, ICP/IP filing system/access resource management system/information security management system, IDC computer room security evaluation , IDC room deployment, difficult technical research, business guidance

IDC License Sample

IDC License Sample

Certificate content: name, number, introduction, name of the sponsor, legal representative, registered capital,
Registered domicile, business type, business coverage, issuer, seal of the issuing authority, date of issuance, and validity period.