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call center
What is a call center license?

Call center license is the abbreviation of the second type of value-added telecommunications business license. It is divided into the whole network call center certificate and the ground network call center certificate. It is a license issued to the enterprise by the industrial information industry sector agreeing to operate the telephone inbound and outbound business services.

Call center licensing authority?

The whole network call center license is handled by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the local network call center license is handled by the provincial communications administrations.

Call center license annual inspection requirements

The annual inspection of the call center certificate is from January to March every year

Call Center License Validity Period

The call center operation license is valid for 5 years and needs to be renewed after 5 years.


Conditions for applying for a call center license

  • (1) The operator is a legally established company.
  • (2) There are funds and professionals suitable for carrying out business activities.
  • (3) Have the reputation or ability to provide users with long-term services.
  • (4) The minimum registered capital of the provincial network business is RMB 1 million.
  • (5) The minimum registered capital for the entire network business is 10 million yuan, and branches should be established in at least 2 provinces.
  • (6) There are necessary venues, facilities and technical solutions.
  • (7) The company and its major investors and major business managers have no illegal record of violating the telecommunications supervision and management system within three years.
  • (8) Other conditions stipulated by the state.

Call center license application agency service content

You do not need to be present in person during the whole process/two-way express delivery, quick photo collection

The fee includes: the original and attached pages of the call center license; the provision of professional technical solutions, the dispatch of professional and technical personnel, difficult technical research, and business guidance

Call Center License

Sample call center license

Certificate content: name, number, introduction, name of the sponsor, legal representative, registered capital,
Registered domicile, business type, business coverage, issuer, seal of the issuing authority, date of issuance, and validity period.

Materials required to apply for a call center license

  • (1) A copy of the enterprise business license of the company applying for the call center license.
  • (2) Apply for the call center license company articles of association (with the original copy of the file inquiry seal of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau).
  • (3) Complete and detailed shareholding structure chart (provided by "Comparison" after signing the agreement);
  • (4) A list of the company's main management and technical personnel (including name, position, education, contact information, etc.), and copies of ID cards (no less than 3 people).
  • (5) The company's social security certificate for employees for the past three months (no less than 3 people) (should be stamped with the red seal of the social security institution).
  • (6) Original labor contracts of at least 3 employees (the originals will be returned).
  • After signing the contract, "Compared Fast" will provide more detailed materials according to the actual situation of your company.