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Which units need to go through the Internet public security filing

According to the "Administrative Measures for the Security Protection of Computer Information Network International Networking":

1. When the user goes through the network access procedures at the access unit, he should fill in the user record form. The filing form is supervised by the Ministry of Public Security.

2. Interconnected units, access units, legal persons and other organizations that use the international networking of computer information networks (including units and affiliated branches that connect across provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government) shall Within 10 days, go through the filing formalities at the acceptance authority designated by the public security authority of the people's government of the province, autonomous region, or municipality directly under the Central Government.

The units listed in the preceding paragraph shall be responsible for reporting the access units and users accessing this network to the local public security organ for the record, and reporting the changes of access units and users in this network in a timely manner.

3. Units involved in important fields such as national affairs, economic construction, national defense construction, cutting-edge science and technology, etc., shall issue the approval certificate of their administrative department when going through the filing procedures.

According to relevant laws and regulations, all units accessing the Internet, including Internet Access Service Units (ISPs), Internet Data Centers (IDCs), Internet Information Service Units (ICPs) and international networking units, need to report to the police. The agency handles filing procedures.


Public security network preparation process

I. Acceptance

Internet units, access units, legal representatives of legal and other organizations using computer information network international networking, or the entrusted person should bring their identity documents, entrustment procedures and related materials (units should submit a copy of the industrial and commercial business license, and individuals should submit their identity documents A copy of the certificate), go to the local public security organ (the main office of the unit is the main office, and the individual is the residence) for acceptance, and the "Beijing Computer Information Network International Networking Unit Record Form" will be issued.

The Network Security and Protection Corps accepts the online filing of large-scale interconnected units, access units, legal persons and other organizations using the international network of computer information networks. For online filing, the network security department of the branch (county) bureau accepts online filings from other units and organizations.

Second, review

First, whether the filing form is complete and whether it meets the requirements;

The second is whether the filing materials are complete;

Third, the applicant should be required to sign the "Letter of Responsibility for Information Network Security Protection of Computer Information Network International Networking Units".

Three, notification and delivery

Formulate a unified number, mark it on the "Filing Form", hand a copy of the "Filing Form" to the applicant, and inform the applicant that the record number must be marked in a prominent position at the bottom of the homepage of this website according to law.

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The legal consequences of not fulfilling the online filing of public security organs

According to Article 23 of the "Administrative Measures for the Security Protection of International Networking of Computer Information Networks" (Order No. 33 of the Ministry of Public Security), "Anyone who violates the provisions of Articles 11 and 12 of these Measures and fails to perform the duty of filing shall be The public security organ will give a warning or a penalty of not more than six months of suspension for rectification.”