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Who needs to handle domestic multi-party communication business

Provide services such as remote diagnosis, distance learning, etc.

Provides multi-party meeting services for other companies.

Domestic Internet conference TV and image service business.

Real-time interactive or on-demand voice and image communication services between two or more points in China through multi-party communication platforms and public communication networks or the Internet enterprise.

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Qualification  /  Value-added telecommunications  /  国内多方通信服务业务

Application requirements for multi-party communication qualification

  • (1) The operator is a legally established company.
  • (2) There are funds and professionals suitable for carrying out business activities.
  • (3) Have the reputation or ability to provide users with long-term services.
  • (4) The minimum registered capital of the provincial network business is RMB 1 million.
  • (5) The minimum registered capital for the entire network business is RMB 10 million.
  • (6) There are necessary venues, facilities and technical solutions.
  • (7) The company and its major investors and major business managers have no illegal record of violating the telecommunications supervision and management system within three years.
  • (8) Other conditions stipulated by the state.
Qualification  /  Value-added telecommunications  /  国内多方通信服务业务

Materials to prepare for domestic multi-party communication service business

  • (1) Copy of business license
  • (2) Identity cards of legal persons and shareholders.
  • (3) The articles of association of the company.
  • (4) ID cards of the company's key management personnel and technical personnel
  • (5) Social Security Certificate.
  • (6) Access agreement and custodian qualification.
  • (7) Domain name registration certificate.
  • (8) Other materials required by laws and regulations
  • After signing the contract, "Compared Fast" will provide more detailed materials according to the actual situation of your company.

“ Domestic multi-party communication service business processing service process”

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