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Four steps   Own your company
  • Business License
  • Articles of Association
  • Company Seal

Your company    Register yourself    Be careful

  • The first step: come up with a name

  • Step 2: Fill in the information

  • Step 3: Get a license

  • Part 4: Engraving the Seal

Introduction to the latest company registration process

Step 1: Review company name

The company name should imply good auspiciousness, sound loud and sonorous, easy to understand and remember, and users can understand it as soon as they hear it, and can remember it after listening to it once. A good name can actually save a lot of marketing costs.

On the other hand, a bad name that is difficult to remember can make your company's marketing efforts less effective. It cannot have the same name as other companies in the same area (the two-character name is often registered, and a three-character or four-character name is recommended.

Step 2: Determine the registration address

The registered address will appear on the business license, which has a great impact on the business of the company, so it must be carefully considered.

Different industries have different address requirements. For example, an online store can only have a nominal address. Marketing companies often use a formal commercial address to improve the company's credibility in the minds of customers. For some types of companies, a business secretary address is the best option.

We will customize the most suitable and cost-effective registered address plan for you according to your specific situation. Whether you have an address or not, we can register you 100% of the time.

Step 3: Determine business scope

The business scope is the category of activities, goods and services operated by the company, which will appear on the license and should not exceed 80 characters.

It is very skillful to determine the business scope, which should not exceed 80 words, and must have the greatest flexibility and include the greatest degree of freedom, so as to reduce the trouble of future revision and expansion.

We can help you tailor a personalized business area that works best for you.

Step 4: Determine the registered capital

27 types of industries require actual payment.

General company registered capital can be subscribed.

For companies that require actual payment, and companies with special needs, we can pay on your behalf without your actual investment.

Step 5: Identify legal shareholders

Legal Representative: The legal representative and person in charge of the company, the "boss".

Shareholders: Shareholders are the company's investors and equity holders.

The registration process requires legal and shareholder identity information, please consult our staff for details.

Step 6: Determine the contribution ratio

Shareholders contribute capital according to the subscribed capital contribution, and the ratio of each individual's capital contribution to the total capital is the capital contribution ratio

Step 7: All shareholders and legal persons/supervisors prepare personal USB shields (digital certificates) for digital signatures

Currently supported USB shields include the four major banks (ICBC, Agriculture, China and Construction), Ping An Bank and China CITIC Bank. It is recommended to use the USB shields from the four major banks for digital signatures. Of course, it is also possible to come to our company to apply for a digital certificate for digital signature.