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ediQualification  /  Value-added telecommunications  /  存储转发业务
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Fax Store and Forward

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Voice Mail Service

Voice mail service refers to the use of voice mail systems connected to public communication networks, public data transmission networks, and the Internet to provide users with storage, retrieval, and invocation of voice A business of message and its auxiliary functions. Each voice mailbox has a dedicated mailbox number, and users can operate through terminal devices such as telephones or computers to complete functions such as information delivery, reception, storage, deletion, forwarding, and notification.

Email Business

E-mail business refers to providing users with one-to-one or one-to-multipoint e-mail editing, sending, E-mail business of transmission, storage, forwarding and reception. It combines with the public communication network through intelligent terminals, computers, etc., and provides users with various types of information exchange by means of storage and forwarding.

Fax store and forward service

Fax store-and-forward service refers to the establishment of a store-and-forward system between users' fax machines and fax machines, between fax machines and computers, and the faxes between users are stored and forwarded. The control of the forwarding system, the non-real-time transmission of services to the opposite end.

The fax store-and-forward system is mainly composed of fax workstations and fax store-and-forward mailboxes, which are connected through packet networks, digital dedicated lines, and the Internet. The fax store-and-forward business mainly includes multi-site delivery, scheduled delivery, fax mailboxes, communication with designated recipients, message archiving and other auxiliary functions.

Qualification  /  Value-added telecommunications  /  存储转发业务

Application requirements for store-and-forward business

  • (1) The operator is a legally established company.
  • (2) There are funds and professionals suitable for carrying out business activities.
  • (3) Have the reputation or ability to provide users with long-term services.
  • (4) The minimum registered capital of the provincial network business is RMB 1 million.
  • (5) The minimum registered capital for the entire network business is RMB 10 million.
  • (6) There are necessary venues, facilities and technical solutions.
  • (7) The company and its major investors and major business managers have no illegal record of violating the telecommunications supervision and management system within three years.
  • (8) Other conditions stipulated by the state.
Qualification  /  Value-added telecommunications  /  存储转发业务

Materials to be prepared for handling store-and-forward business

  • 1. A written application for operating value-added telecommunications services signed by the legal representative of the company. The content includes; the type of telecommunications business applied for, business coverage, company name, company mailing address, zip code, contact person, contact number, e-mail address, etc.;
  • 2. The copy and photocopy of the company's legal person business license;
  • 3. Company profile. Including the basic information of the company, personnel, venues and facilities to be engaged in value-added telecommunication services;
  • 4. The company's most recent annual financial accounting report or capital verification report for an enterprise legal person audited by an accounting firm and other relevant accounting information as required by the telecommunications authority;
  • 5. The articles of association of the company, the company's shareholding structure and relevant information on shareholders;
  • 6. Apply for business development, implementation plans and technical solutions for operating telecommunications services;
  • 7. Measures to provide users with long-term service and quality assurance;
  • 8. Information security measures;
  • 9. Relevant materials proving the company's reputation;
  • 10. A letter of commitment signed by the legal representative of the company to operate telecommunications business in accordance with the law;
  • 11. If the telecommunications business applied for operation is subject to prior examination and approval by the relevant competent authorities in accordance with laws, administrative regulations and relevant state regulations, the documents for examination and approval by the relevant competent authorities shall be submitted.
  • After signing the contract, "Compared Fast" will provide more detailed materials according to the actual situation of your company.

“Store and forward business service process”

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