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Posted in: Jun 10, 2022


December 14 The newly formed Australian Professional Leagues (APL), operators of the mens A-League and womens W-League, has sold a 33% stake to US investor Silver Lake for an estimated $100 million.

May 26 Australias mens and womens top tier leagues have agreed their first major commercial partnership since taking control of their rights from the national federation, securing a five-year $155.5 million broadcast deal.

December 22 Australian football has been forced to reshuffle the opening rounds of matches of the new A-League following a Covid-19 outbreak in Sydney, with almost half of the first 35 games to be rescheduled for a later date.

July 29 Professional sport in Australia including top-flight football has once again been plunged into chaos because of the reprecussions of Covid-19.

July 9 Football Federation Australias Head of Leagues Greg ORourke has admitted responsibility for failed attempts to get A-League teams out of Victoria state amid a COVID-19 outbreak that has placed the July 16 restart of top-flight football in the country into doubt.

July 8 Australias A-League has been plunged into chaos after several failed attempts to get Melbourne-based clubs out of the city amid tightening Covid-19 travel restrictions in the country.

May 28 Football Federation Australia (FFA), A-League clubs and the players union have unveiled plans to resume the countrys premier league from mid-July, but proposals could be derailed depending on domestic broadcaster Fox Sports position on TV rights.

October 16 Former Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore has been parachuted into Australias A-League as a special advisor in a bid to the clubs to turnaround the commercial fortunes of the country top professional competition.

February 25 Australian club Western Uniteds decision to not incorporate Melbourne in its name could cost Football Federation Australia (FFA) A$5 million in annual TV rights as Fox Sports seeks to challenge its obligation to increase future payments for the broadcasting deal.

October 15 Australian A-League clubs may be financially better positioned than they have been letting on during their governance and financial disputes with their football federation over power and money.

March 16 Australian FA (FFA) chief executive David Gallop has confirmed that bidding for places in the expanded A-League will begin by the end of March, with 10 groups having already declared their intention to bid for the extra 2 places which will be on offer.

July 7 The dispute between Football Federation Australia (FFA) and Australias A-League clubs over the composition of the FFA Congress needs to be resolved by November 30 or FIFA may impose a normalisation committee to push through changes.

June 30 Australias A-League clubs are increasing the stakes in their dispute with the Football Federation of Australia (FFA). Having refused the latest FFA cash offer earlier this week they are now demanding a forensic financial audit of the FFAs accounts for the past three years.

May 4 Australian A-League club owners have rejected the annual A$3.25 million per club financial offer from the Football Federation Australia (FFA) saying that they should receive more money from the new A$56 million per season broadcast deal agreed with Fox Sports.

May 3 The Hyundai A-League and Japanese J-League have signed a co-operation agreement which will see the two leagues share technical, marketing and administrative expertise as well as paving the way for more matches at elite youth level between Australian and Japanese clubs and encouraging loan deals between the leagues.

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