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Publication license agency

Applicants for publication business license (wholesale): local bureaus of press, publication, radio, film and television

Applicants for publication business licenses (retail): Cultural committees of various urban areas

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What are the penalties for doing business without a publication license?

Without approval, setting up publishing, printing or duplicating, importing or distributing publications, or engaging in publishing, printing or duplicating, importing or distributing publications without authorization, counterfeiting the name of a publishing entity or forging or counterfeiting newspapers, Where publications are published under the titles of periodicals, the publication administration department and the industry and commerce administration department shall ban them in accordance with their statutory functions and powers; in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal Law on the crime of illegal business operations, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law; Special tools and equipment for illegal activities, if the illegal business volume is more than 10,000 yuan, a fine of 5 times but not more than 10 times the illegal business volume shall be imposed; If you infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of others, you shall bear civil liability according to law.

Publication License

Conditions for a publication business license

  • (1) Having a definite enterprise name and business scope;
  • (2) Having the organization and distribution personnel suitable for the publication business;
  • (3) Having equipment and fixed business premises suitable for the publication wholesale business.
  • (4) It has the appropriate registered capital.
  • (5) Have not received any administrative punishment from the press and publication administrative department in the last three years and have no other serious illegal records.
  • (6) Other conditions stipulated by laws, administrative regulations and the State Press and Publication Administration.
Qualification  /  Internet Publishing  /  出版物经营许可证

Materials required for wholesale of publication business license

  • (1) The Press and Publication Bureau obtains the approval form for the publication business license;
  • (2) An application form, stating the name, address, name, address, source of capital, and amount of capital of the legal representative or principal of the unit;
  • (3) Articles of Association.
  • (4) Credit certificate of registered capital of 5 million yuan.
  • (5) The information on the business premises obtained by the Press and Publication Bureau and the certificate of the right to use it.
  • (6) A copy of the identity certificate of the legal representative.
  • (7) A copy of the intermediate vocational qualification certificate of the legal representative or the main person in charge.
  • (8) Evidence materials for the corresponding computer management conditions.

Materials required for the retail business license of publications

  • (1) The original copy of the name approval notice or license (for additional enterprises);
  • (2) Capital verification report;
  • (3) Copy of the real estate certificate and lease agreement.
  • (4) Company landline, mobile phone, zip code.
  • (5) The articles of association of the company.
  • (6) The primary title book publisher certificate of the legal person.
  • (7) Copies of ID cards of all shareholders.
  • (8) Enterprises with additional items need to provide official seals.

Can an individual apply for a publication license?

Now Taobao and other online book sales require businesses to apply for a "Publication Business License", and more people are concerned about whether individuals can apply for a publications business license. "Quicker" tells everyone that an individual (natural person) cannot apply for a "Publication Business License". To apply for the "Publication Business License" first, we need to register a company or individual industrial and commercial household. If you want to know more details, please contact us.

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“Publication License Application Service Process”

Consulting business intentions(determine the type of business you handle)

Business cooperation negotiation(customized solutions for you)

Basic Material Preparation(Assist you in preparing the required hard materials)

Submit for review(We'll do the rest)

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