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What is AAA corporate credit rating

Which industries need to apply for AAA corporate credit certification

The benefits of AAA corporate credit rating certification

Innovation is the fundamental driving force for the development of enterprises. The high-tech enterprise identification policy is a guiding policy. Enthusiasm, improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation.

High-tech enterprises are an important condition for attracting local governments and industry organizations to implement preferential policies and financial support for enterprises, and they also have the strength to attract venture capital institutions and financial institutions, thereby promoting enterprises to quickly invest in industrialized operation.

It means that the person in charge has a strong sense of innovation, high market development ability and management level. It shows that the enterprise is a high-growth enterprise supported by the state and has good potential economic benefits.

The recognized high-tech enterprises can implement a preferential tax rate of 15% (the first 25% of the recognition), the tax rate is reduced by 10 points, and the tax amount is reduced by 40%.

Prove that the enterprise has strong technological innovation ability and high-end technology development ability in this field, which is conducive to the enterprise to develop domestic and foreign markets; it is an important condition for enterprises to bid.

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