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950/951/952 Short Number Introduction

95 short number application solution

The 95 short number is a telecommunication number resource. It can display a 5 or 6-digit 95 short phone number for both incoming and outgoing calls. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China is responsible for the unified management and allocation of national number resources. It belongs to the state Due to the shortage of telecommunications resources, users can dial short numbers anywhere in the country without adding an area code; "quickly" helps enterprises to make 95 calls all over the country according to the actual situation of the enterprise, and enhances the brand image of the enterprise.

Short number digits: 950, 951 are 5-digit short numbers, 952 is 6-digit short numbers;

Occupation fee charged by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: 950, 951 is 240,000/year; 952 is 24,000/year;

Features of short number: less digits, easy to remember, easy to promote, unique number in the country, with brand effect;

Application conditions: with cross-regional call center qualification;


Application process of 95 short number in value-added telecommunication services:

1. "Compared Faster" will check with your company for changes in the company's basic necessary materials and make correct corrections. After obtaining the complete basic company materials, "Compared Fast" will submit the online review to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology within 5 working days. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will approve it within 40 working days.

2. After the 95 short number online review is approved, "Compared Faster" will submit complete paper application materials to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology within 2 working days. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will approve and announce it online after 30 working days.

The application for the 95 short number will be completed within 90 working days.


95 short number phone access

"Quicker" will open 95 short number calls for your company according to the characteristics of your company's call center room. The characteristics of the 95 short number phone opened by "Quicker" are as follows:

(1) One-point access to the whole country is opened, it is not necessary to open each of the 31 provinces and cities across the country, saving call center resources and saving opening time;

(2) Fast opening, only 30-60 working days for nationwide opening;

(3) Good operator relationship, low call charges;

(4) Dial the 95 short number directly from any part of the country without the area code;


The advantages of applying for a 95 number "quickly"

(1) Reduce the time cost and processing cost of enterprise application:

"Rapidly" helps many brand enterprises to handle 95 short number consultation and access services, and has accumulated rich experience and resources in handling numbers, effectively reducing the cost of corporate public relations and the time cost of application. It takes 2-3 months.

(2) The right to choose the advantage code number:

"Compared Faster" helps many brand enterprises to handle advantageous and high-quality short numbers, and can provide enterprises with the best quality number resources.

(3) Top operator resources:

"Comparatively Fast" has established a good cooperative relationship with the headquarters of the three major operator groups, and is the first-level agent of operators in most regions of the country. It has established comprehensive strategic cooperation in mobile commerce fields such as industry SMS, IDC, and 400. relationship, can provide customers with the country's top operator resources.