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what is3C认证

17 types of certification scope

The benefits of 3C certification

ccc certification is a compulsory certification and a pass to enter the domestic market; CCC is a domestic compulsory certification. If it is sold in China, it mainly depends on whether your company's products are in the 3C compulsory catalogue. If it is there, 3C certification must be done. Enterprises with ccc certification can improve the recognition of their products. If the product is exported, there is a ccc certification mark, which can reduce some items of export inspection.

Products and companies with ccc are easy to be recognized, enhance customer confidence, shape corporate image and increase visibility. For example, Taobao and other products without 3C certification are not easy to buy.

Because CCC certification is carried out by a third-party testing organization independent of the first party (supplier) and the second party (purchaser), through strict inspection and inspection, the product conforms to the A fair and scientific quality system that requires the issuance of an authoritative certificate, in line with the laws of the market economy, can bring direct economic benefits to both sides of the trade.

The company's acquisition of CCC certification and ccc certification marks is an important manifestation of corporate culture and quality culture. Striving for the CCC certification mark and producing high-quality products are not only material achievements, but also spiritual products and the crystallization of corporate culture.

Prove that the enterprise has strong technological innovation ability and high-end technology development ability in this field, which is conducive to the enterprise to develop domestic and foreign markets; it is an important condition for enterprises to bid.

Market Pass
Compulsory certification

Upgrade your business
Brand image

Quality Assurance
Authoritative certification

Certification Mark
Cultural crystallization

Promote business
Product sales

Requirements for applying for 3C certification

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CCC certification process

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High-tech enterprise certification you need to prepare

  • Business license

  • Production Conditions
    (The factory must have basic production conditions)

  • Hardware and software requirements
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  • Products submitted for inspection must pass the corresponding national standard test

  • Other relevant qualifications
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