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Detailed explanation of 10690 code number/10691 code number/SP code number

1069 Short Number Application Solution

In the value-added telecommunications business, the 1069 short number is a third-party platform that provides access to inter-provincial/nationwide non-operating short message services. Number, the company's SMS display number is unified, with brand effect. That is, the shape is 10690XXX (X=0~9), which can be extended to identify the content provider after accessing the platform, and the management bit length is 8 bits.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (Order No. 28 of the Ministry of Information Industry), "Administrative Measures for Telecommunications Network Code Number Resources", "Administrative Measures for Short Message Service Access Code Application, Distribution, Use and Recovery", "Short Message Service Access Code" Relevant provisions of the Code Numbering Plan:

"Non-commercial short message service" refers to the short message service provided to users that only charges communication fees, not information fees. According to the different geographical scope of the service, it can be divided into non-operating short message services within the province and non-operating short message services across the province/nation. The entities providing such services are divided into:

Ø A third-party platform that provides unified access to the basic telecom operator network for other entities to provide non-operating short message services to users, and the entity that provides the third-party platform must obtain a value-added telecom business license;

Ø The main body of providing public welfare short message services;

Ø Other entities that provide non-commercial short message services.


1069 Short Number Features

(1) The 1069 short number is approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the short number has a good image, which is conducive to the promotion of the brand image of brand customers;

(2) The 1069 short number can support 20-bit expansion, and has abundant resource allocation for the advantageous number segment;

(3) 1069 supports downstream customers to freely set signature;

(4) There is no channel resource occupation fee after 1069 is connected to the operator, which reduces the operating cost of the enterprise;

(5) The short number 1069 is a unified number for the three networks, which enhances the corporate brand image;


Value-added telecommunication service code number application industry

1. Internal office: internal notification, schedule reminder, emergency meeting information, etc., contact with local dealers and key customers, release product promotion announcements, and manage customer relationship.

2. Industry associations and clubs: member notices, meeting notices, member management, and the latest news.

3. Car sales center: customer files, promotional information, car pickup reminders, car insurance information, discount information.

4. Banks: notification of the inward and outward transfer of funds for corporate users, information on bank card fund changes, and internal system notifications.

5. Property: owner management, service notice, payment notice, temporary notice (no water, electricity, gas notice).

6. Education: office notice, attendance notice, grade notice, parent communication, enrollment information.

Others: government agencies, freight, taxi companies, newspapers, schools, remote monitoring, data collection, etc.


The advantages of applying for 1069 short numbers "quickly"

(1) Reduce the time cost and processing cost of enterprise application:

"Quicker" has helped many brand companies to handle 1069 short number consultation and access services, and accumulated rich experience and resources in code number handling, which can effectively reduce the cost of corporate public relations and the time cost of application. It takes 2-3 months.

(2) The right to choose the advantage code number:

"Compared Faster" helps many brand enterprises to handle advantageous and high-quality short numbers, and can provide enterprises with the best quality number resources.

(3) Top operator resources:

"Comparatively Fast" has established a good cooperative relationship with the headquarters of the three major operator groups, and is the first-level agent of operators in most regions of the country. It has established comprehensive strategic cooperation in mobile commerce fields such as industry SMS, IDC, and 400. relationship, can provide customers with the country's top operator resources.

(4) SMS and MMS platform:

"Comparatively Fast" After years of industry service experience, relying on a strong technical team to independently develop a series of products for the enterprise information communication, which is written in JAVA language, realizes "intelligence, visualization and modularization", and can be customized according to customer needs chemical development.


1069 Short Number Application Conditions

1. A copy of the business license of the enterprise legal person (electronic version);

2. Information service license in the second type of value-added business (移动网信息服务业务(SP证)) main text, attached pages, pages of special regulations and annual inspection pages;


1069 Short Number Application Process

10690 Short Number Application/10691 Short Number Application/SP Short Number Application

1. "Rapidly" checks with your company the changes in the company's basic necessary materials and makes correct corrections. After obtaining the complete basic company materials, "Compared Fast" will submit the online review to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology within 5 working days. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will approve it within 30 working days.

2. After the 1069 short number online review is approved, "Compared Faster" will submit complete paper application materials to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology within 2 working days. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will approve and announce it online after 30 working days.

Applications for 1069 short numbers will be completed within 70 working days.


1069 Short Number Landing

10690 short number landing/10691 short number landing/SP short number landing

1. Channel attributes: support uplink and downlink, support long text messages (300 words content), blacklist, code number can be expanded, the sub-account signature of the mobile channel needs to be reported in advance, and the signature of China Unicom and telecom channels can be customized.

2. Project process planning:

(1) The operator will apply for the landing materials and conduct project review, which will take about 10 working days.

(2) It takes 3 working days for your company to sign a cooperation contract with the operator;

(3) It takes about 20 working days for the operator to access the network with a 1069 short number;

(4) After the 1069 network is opened, it will take about 10 jobs to debug the whole network;

(5) 1069 SMS channel SMS tariff: the tariff is determined according to the sending volume, with a maximum of 4.0 points for each mobile message, 3 points for each Unicom message, and 3 points for each telecom message